Monday, April 5, 2010

Little finders here and there

So what I would really like to be doing is going to town, with a sledge hammer, inside that sweet little trailer of mine... Well, kinda, but only in the sense that I would like to get my hands dirty and my feet wet... GET STARTED already! But the story with that is... I have to wait. I can't start until the designer comes in to do the official layout and tells me what can go and what has to stay. And that is still two weeks out! But ahh, I can hardly wait! Until then I will have to make due with list writing, paper plans and thrifting for sweet little treasure to fill my "trailer chest" with.

Yesterday I found this pitcher, which kinda has a little story to it--about a month ago, before I even knew I was going to have a trailer salon, my husband and I were on a date at Pix (then to see Where The Wild Things Are). If you have been to Pix then you know it can be kinda twinkly magical, dipped in dark chocolate then sprigged with gold in there. And that was happening this night too. I kept noticeing the pitcher that the gal was pouring our water from... It was fancy, fancy ... And I was kinda mezmorized by it... I went as far as to ask the owner where it was from... Like I was just gonna run out right then and buy one, I felt like I was the "Tatget Lady" (on SNL), like a total nerd, that I was so into the water pitcher. Anyway she said it was from Turkey... I stopped prying there, So I don't know if she had picked it up there or if that is just where it was made. Either way this pitcher was about as big as our kitchen and kinda over the top for our tiny little bird house, as I like to call it, so none of it really mattered anyway. Then, yesterday, I was at a thrift store and saw the very same pitcher from Pix, the exact one! So I pixed it up I did, and right there on the bottom it said, "Turkey" and all! You know I had to get it! Right along side it was this sweet little set of worn vintage crystal. Also from Turkey... And I said to the whole lot of them, you are coming home with me to live in a trailer!

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