Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So basically...

The rest of the story goes, it was the sweetest little alley ever! I know I am always saying things like that... That this or that was the best of this or that ever... And then am always following up with yelling it all right at you (!). Well I assure you that it is all true. I AM the judge of cute... and sweet, and best etc... So just roll with it. Anyway this little spot was in an old run down area. But with plenty of life still in it. I imagine there was a little cheese shop and an old neghborhood dive bar (for cute little grandpas only) and a family resteraunt and a courtyard with a fountain... Ah yeah! This was definitely not here it was continents and seas away. Maybe Italy? In a place where I am sure I knew nothing of the language but everyone's eyes sparkled so we knew we were all the same. Maybe it wasn't Italy at all maybe it was Spain?... Or maybe it wasn't old at all either, nor forgien?? Maybe it was Carmel, Ca. and it was just rich pretending to be old? Oh yeah... Or? Maybe I was dreaming!!! I almost forgot that part because it was so vivid. It seamed like a set from the movie Big Fish. That magical-fantasy-could be real-and is out there-somewhere sort of feeling. It was dusky out but not yet dark and zig-zagging the ceiling of the alleyway were big round bobbely white string lights. My little Holiday was parked there at the end singing sweetly in her little nest. strung with multicolored lights. The door was open to the trailer leading out onto a little deck which had two steps wrapping all the way around it and was dotted with lovely Terra cotta pots of Succulents and Angels Hair and other dappley varieties of flora. There was a rusty old table and two chairs sitting there decaying only for our pleasure inviting us to sit and sip some smoldering dark roasted coffee from tiny cups. From inside the trailer beyond the golden glow of the window against a blueing dusk were soft smudgy figures and laughter and faint melody. Seeing this scene played out in my dream was like watching the sunset over the ocean from the top of a fairswheel... Everything seemed to be in perfect balance. And THAT was my dream spot.

Now to go find it in Portland Oregon. I searched the internet for an image to represent my fantasy. For some reason I was even hopeful that I was going to find the spot from my dream. As if I would be able to find this exact spot?... But no luck. Only alleys, sweet little alleys, but not mine.

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