Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet Holiday!

So this is it! The start of something grand! Here she is... Holiday Hair Studio (in the making). This is the BEFORE picture. She's got good legs she does and a solid frame... Really she is in excellent condition and rather quite lovely just as she is if you ask me... Raw beauty! But as so many of her occupants to be, she is about to get all gussied up.

I would like to invite you along for the ride, hop aboard ya'll we are about to go on Holiday! Come along as we transform this 1964 Kenskill travel trailer into a 2010 private hair studio! We will start by gutting it (ouch--and double ouch once you see how flippin' cute her little guts actually are). Then we rebuild! And paint and polish the exterior and find her a place to call home! I am so excited to figure it all out--The interior mainly, the outside is pretty much all planned already, and the home, well, it will just come when we are ready. Oh! So much shopping ahead of me... I am one lucky girl! Check back often to follow our journey...

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