Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magic little paintings

Good morning everyone! If you are a stranger of mine then you may not know that I am a painter as well as a hair sculptor. Here is a little story about a couple of my paintings...

A while back I painted a painting that had the words, "If you have never been to Mexico, you should go." The funny part was I had never been to Mexico myself. But here I guess I was the expert? A couple weeks later my mom called and said that she was taking everyone to Akumal, Mexico for her 60th birthday!!! Pretty weird, don't you think? We all thought that it was pretty magical how that happened!

So now, about a month before I even knew I was going to get a trailer--I had not yet been brewing up the idea of my lovely Holiday Hair Studio at all (it all just kinda happened over night really), I painted this picture of these two little trailers... NEVER painted trailers before, or since, but I painted these ones and shortly after I got my trailer and here we are!

I call them my magic paintings... So if anyone needs anything at all just buy one of my paintings... Or a commission? I could paint you piles of cash! And psssst... You can buy this little prophecy for $100 dollars if you'ld like.


Sarah Cruse said...

You know I love that!

sarah van raden said...

i adore all that you dream up. these tiny magical tailors are in perfect keeping with all of your other enchanted creations.
i cannot wait to have one of your pieces hanging on my wall. how will I ever choose!!!!

neighbor s

Holiday said...

Oh Sarahs, I adore you!