Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here is the update...

There is no update. Just sorry about the molasses that is the progress of the trailer. And no one is sadder about it not moving forward then I am! I am soo ready to get this party started! Aaand the weather has been kinda poop too, so our adventures in garden land (my other major project these days) have been lacking as well. The only update is very non-hair realated... But does have a bit to do with fashion--and edgy fashion at that, so I will share. It starts out; my 3 year old son wants me to sew him a "princess dress"! In a baseball print!!! I told you it was edgy... So, you know, being the gender molding parent that I am, I suggest... A cape, how 'bout? Melt down ensues. So I figure I'll make him a smock instead. It is not so much that I don't want him wearing a princess dress (I mean maybe he will calm down if he plays girl for a while) it's just that I don't want to spend one million hours making one and have him not want anything to do with it by the time I am finished. So I go the cop-out smock version of his vision and call it a "princess dress" so we should be all good right? Wrong! Upon presenting the child with the "princess dress" (smock) this morning he said to me most disappointedly, " Ahuuuuu! Mom! This is not a princess dress! This is for the kitchen!" So a baseball print princess dress just may be what keeps me busy until I get to start smashing up that trailer.

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