Friday, February 4, 2011

It is all happening! For reals now!

Lots of News people! I have been working hard on the lot getting it all ready for Holiday's arrival. This week I weeded and raked out a year of over growth, picked up a literal ton of bricks, dug and leveled a trench / bed type pad in order to lay the bricks. Tampered it all down and then re-distributed 2 yards of soil. It has been quite busy! And so exciting... It is a labor of love! I would not want to be doing anything else! I still cant believe I am doing this... To this property! It is a dream come true. I had waited 5 months to get an answer, because I just felt like no other spot could ever come close. I would even tell my husband if I had to chose between winning the lottery and getting this spot I would hands down choose the spot... My heart just had to have it! And now it that it has it, oh my Goodness it really is so magical. Thank you all for sticking in there with my filler blogs and such, I can't believe we are less then two weeks away from opening! Have I not announce that on here yet? Well, allow me now to just quickly say we open on February 14th! Yep Valentine's Day because we have so much love to give over here! So what better day than that to open our doors? I will also put up and official opening announcement.

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