Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We drop anchor... SOON!

Sadly we have missed our target date of Valentine's Day.. Although it would have been cute it is just a date, and there are more of those to come. Due to unexpected delays with our power service not being hooked up yet, we have push our opening back a few days. If you have dealt with the city, PG&E, and contractors before you may have seen this one coming... But me I am green in that area of business and I thought, these people all have their ships together right? Of course they do! No need to worry about a thing... UMMM... Well... Not so much, but close, they are very close to having their ships together. We are working it all out and should (hopefully) be open by this weekend. But I am not about to go and set another date until I know it is on! So it will more so go like this... Surprise! We are OPEN!!!! I will announce it when it is up and running and then I will open my loving arms for when all of you come running!... That is just a little left over Valentine cheese for you. It is brea.

Thank you lovely folks for being so patient and so eager!
I promise you it is well worth the wait!


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