Friday, February 11, 2011

Holiday Hair Studio was on Marketplace this evening!

I was on NPR, tonight and they mentioned Holiday Hair Studio! It was not a huge bit, BUT it was a little something and it was nationally broadcast! I know that doesn't necessarily help build my clientele here, in Portland, but it is a pretty big deal, especially for not even being open yet!

So let me just tell you about the little bit of magic that made the stars align in order for Holiday to be a part of that story.

I was returning a pare of earrings to Ink and Peat, one of them had broken, so I was taking them back. I got there and they were still closed, I had about 10 minutes until they opened so I thought I would go see Erin Sutherland across the street at Lodekka... We had previously been talking about me sharing her lot, at this time it was pretty clear that my dream spot for Holiday was coming true, so we were not going to be neighbors after all, but it was great to have met Erin never the less... And Lodekka is a super cute double Decker dress shop... That is, as in, Double Decker British tour bus... Re-purposed of course, this is Portland after all. Anyway, back to my story of how I snuck into the Marketplace story. I climbed aboard Lodekka and Erin said, something to the effect of, Robin you have to stay and be my customer!... A reporter from NPR is coming to do a story on fashion buses... And maybe you could even say something about Holiday? I was happy to be Erin's Customer in fact I ended up buying two dresses that day, so I was actually doubly happy! The funny thing was that when I first stepped on board I could barely get through the crowd, that bus was packed like the 14 at rush our. But by the time NPR showed up it was just Erin and I. So I stayed and played dress up and Erin told the Reporter that I too had a Cart-tastic endeavor under way. And so, there you have it. I kinda stowed away on the tail end of the story! Oh! AND I said "I feel pretty" If that is not the dorkiest quote you could ever possibly say, I need to know what is, because I will probably try using it next time someone decides to record me.

It all felt really serendipitous. super right time-right place, kinda vibe. Much thanks to Erin Sutherland for making me stay and Deena Prichep for including me in the story. And here again is that link... Marketplace NPR For those who want to listen, the story starts at 20:00 & Holiday's spot is at 22:17

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